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Liberating Masculinities – Free Book

Liberating Masculinities, by Kopano Ratele, is finally free. Yes. mahala. Tu tjia. Thank god for free books. As far as I am concerned, books by academics, who are paid to write books, should be free. Or dirt cheap. That’s the attractive thing about HSRC Press. Free downloads. So, then, liberate masculinities. Share the book. Read … Continue reading

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“If you care about women as actual human beings”

Read this. It’s not about Harvey Weinstein. It’s about much more than that. It’s about all of us men. Read what Musa Okwonga says: “If you care about women as actual human beings, and not just as extensions of yourselves – that is to say, if they are not just your daughters, your sisters, your mothers – … Continue reading

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Josie Duffy Tells About the History That Tells the Story of White Men Who Raped

It’s nearly three years since Josie Duffy published the article ‘The Men who Left Were White’ on the now defunct site Duffy’s article comes back to me because I have been thinking about fatherhood. It’s over 9 years since I began to seriously exercise my brain – and my heart even more – about this thing called fatherhood. Up … Continue reading

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17% of Men and 5% of Women Have Had Two or More Sexual Partners in The Past Year and 9 Other Random Facts for Your Interest Gleaned from Reports of Statistics South Africa

  Here are 10 random facts, with some commentary, for your interest, gleaned from the latest population statistics and the demographic and health survey. If you have the facts, you can then come up with your own alternative facts. Or interpretations. Sometimes it helps to first know what’s really what. And, for the student of psychology (or art, … Continue reading

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Feeling (the) Moonlight

Moonlight is a movie about a boy growing up black and closetted queerness/asexuality. It’s about boyhood and masculinity in the US. It’s about kin, biological and found. It’s about love from unexpected places and people. It’s about overt violence and microaggressions in schools. [And the all-black world of the movie makes this a must see … Continue reading


Jeff Hearn Explains Understandings of Gender and Implications for Research

In this short video from GenPort, Jeff Hearn, gives a short introduction on the concept of gender. Hearn is a globally leading thinker on men and masculinities. He has been a regular visitor to South Africa since 1997, and worked with South African-based gender and masculinity researchers such David Blackbeard, Rachel Jewkes, Graham Lindegger, Robert Morrell, Kopano Ratele, and Tammy Shefer. An … Continue reading