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The Problem With Men Is Because They Are Too Nice To Women

The problem with men is because they are too nice to women?  What the hell! In what universe? And to be non-violent and fair is to be gay?

Ok, this is not all bad. It simply means we do have a lot of work to do. See, at times I have my doubts. I think, this stuff is elementary. You can’t slap, abuse, or rape women to prove your manhood. 

I guess I am wrong. Manhood means violence against women. A true man should be like Tarzan in a suit, shouldn’t take lip from women. To be a real man means remembering that women are really bitches, whores, lazy cunts and ugly cows. Women must submit to your authority. Period. Manhood is about – well, do I really have to go on. 

Can you believe this! I can’t. Do these people have any idea about the society I live in! Let me stop so you can get on with it and watch the video. Here it is.

You are on your way to being hit with the ladies, I bet! Or just hitting them if you don’t get your way with them.

A bit of background. The clip is Part 1 (The Problem) of a 3-part video called ‘The Principles That Govern Social Interaction’. The videos accompany a free e-book of the same title. Part 1 (The Problem) is said to describe the problem with men’s social interactions with women.

Perhaps we should go ahea and watch the rest of the video clips. Here is Part 2 (The Solution).

And Part 3 (The Application).

Now, if the video-makers are even half-right, Soweto, we have a much bigger problem! Same for you woman in the Cape flats, you do know we are in serious trouble. And Nkandla, what can I say chief.

Truth is, the problem starts at Cape Agulhas and doesn’t stop till it gets to Musina. No, till it gets to Benzú actually.     

The problem is, let it be clear, definitely not that men are just to women. 

The problem is one of power.

The problem is that, as a group, men have unearned social power over women – that is, power that depends on threats and violence – and as such many men don’t know how to interact with women if they aren’t threatening. The problem is that the standards women hold men to – out of fear, experience, habit, tradition, poverty, a shortage of good men, or whatever – are so low that any man who boils an egg for himself (let alone for her) and able to identify the clitoris is damn superfly. The problem is men have come to expect too little of themselves in relation to sexual and gender relationship because they have thus far gotten away with murder. The problem is, ultimately, untenable forms of aggressive masculinity.

Guess what the solution is.

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