Gender / Masculinity / Men / Violence

Where are the Men? Critical Perspectives on Masculinities: Multi-Event 6-7 September 2012, University of Western Cape

A multi-disciplinary event on men and masculinities will be held on Thursday 6 to Friday 7 September 2012 at the University of Western Cape under the title ‘Where are the Men? Critical Perspectives on Masculinities’. The organisers of the conference are Laurie Gaum of Imbadu Men’s Project and Christo Lombard of the University of Western Cape’s Religion and Theology Department. Here follows the programme.  


Day 1 (Thursday 6 September 2012)

8h00 Venue: Student Centre UWC: Registration
Music (surprising package of performing artists)

9h00 Opening “coffee table” conversation (Student Centre )
o Neville Jansen / Laurie Gaum (Centre for Christian Spirituality, facilitation)
o Robert Morrell (UCT)
o Leo Mbobi (Sonke Gender Justice)
o Elizabeth Petersen (SA Faith and Family Institute)

11h00 Break (with a surprise) and going to Focus Groups

11h30 Focus Groups (student scribes, who will also lead groups to venues)

1) Men and Violence (DL1)
o Christoph Baumann (CCS, facilitation)
o Elizabeth Petersen (SAFFI)
o Lesley Thomas (Alternatives to Violence Project)

2) Men and Sexualities (DL2)
o Robert Hamblin (facilitation)
o Lawrence Ngorora (Mankind Project)
o Mark Behr (Rhodes College, Memphis, USA)

3) Men and Fatherhood (DL3)
o Tammy Shefer (UWC, facilitation)
o Robert Morrell (UCT)
o Leo Mbobi (Sonke)

4) Men and Leadership / Social Roles (S1)
o Laurie Gaum (CCS, facilitation)
o Spiwo Xapile (Uniting Presbyterian Church)
o Desiree Lewis (Women and Gender Studies, UWC)

13h30 Lunch break

14h15 Workshops (“tasters”)

a) Gender Reconciliation (DL1)
b) Imbadu Men’s Project (DL2)
c) Sonke (S1)
d) Hearts of Men (DL3)

16h30 Tea-break

17h00 Movie (with discussion: Tsotsi (probably S1)
o Desiree Lewis (UWC, facilitation)

Day 2 (Friday 7 September 2012)

9h00 Plenary: Circumcision and manhood (S1)
[Dancers/performing artists]
o Desiree Lewis (UWC, facilitation)
o Thando Mqolozana (author)
o Benita Moolman (HSRC)
o Nadia Sanger (HSRC)

10h30 Tea-Break


11h00 Plenary: a) feedback from small group sessions (previous day)
b) Concluding Reflections (“Towards new masculinities”)
o Tammy Shefer (UWC, facilitation)
o Melanie Judge (Inyathelo)
o Kopano Ratele (UCT)

12h30 Conclusion
o Laurie Gaum (Imbadu Men’s Project)
o Christo Lombard (UWC, Religion and Theiology)

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