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Why Is No One Mentioning Capitalist Patriarchal Militarization?

There has been quite a brouhaha in South Africa after 13 South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers were killed in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR) on Saturday 23 March. 27 more South Africans suffered injuries.
The number of Seleka rebels, many of whom are shown in pictures to be boys and young men, is unknown. Perhaps, many couldn’t care less, actually. That is Africa. That is what happens there. Children are soldiers. They kill. They get killed. It’s hopeless. It’s a lost continent!
Possibly that is the main reason there doesn’t seem to be much interest in knowing how many rebels and child soldiers were injured and killed. The funny thing is that even South Africans don’t seem too bothered by the fact that African children were killed. Whatever; I would like to know how many children were killed by South African soldiers.
We must welcome that critics and opposition parties have questioned President Zuma and the ruling party, the Africa National Congress, for being in CAR for what appear to be underhand reasons and profiteering motives in the first place. The crux of the criticisms has been suspicions about the real motives for the presence of the SANDF in the CAR. Media reports suggest that the ANC-linked business interest, and possibly Zuma, were protecting their business or prospective commercial deals.
The presidency and department of defence have vehemently denied any business and commercial links. They say they were honouring a bilateral agreement with the deposed president of CAR, Francois Bozize. Francis Bozize, son of the CAR president and ousted defence minister, is said to have visited Zuma twice in South Africa late in 2012 to ask for help. The question is, were there promises made on both sides that South African and CAR citizens need to know about?
Reports from local and global media show too many discrepancies between what the South African government is claiming and events leading to the 23rd March. And there seems to be wide agreement that Francois Bozize and his government were crooks and murderers.
Here is the main problem though. I have read everything about the South African debacle in CAR. Yet I still have to come across one report that points to militarization and patriarchal capitalist legitimated violence as the main problem. I have yet to hear or see one news reports that highlights the fact that both South African and CAR men and boys who killed each other were used to serve and died for the cause of capitalist patriarchal militarism. No one seems to be bothered by the fact of war itself.
The main question that has exercised the media and opposition politicians has been, what were South Africans doing in the CAR? That, really, is secondary to the issue of militarization. The question is, what are we doing with all these arms when what we really need in this country are jobs, education, health, and food? I bet child soldiers in CAR want the same things.
So, then, the answer to the question what were we doing in CAR is, we were doing what those who believe in military power do. We were at war, and war is a bitch. Men get killed in war. And, in Africa, way too many children too die without good cause.

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