Men and Love in Africa, no. 2

Image 2 on men and love in Africa. This is one of my favourite images I made about how love is done.
It was a sunny early afternoon. Just before 2pm Saturday, October 2011, Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town. There are days like that day in Cape Town when you feel God is indeed smiling. Or, if you don’t believe in magic, you might feel that whoever or whatever was present at the birth of the universe was maybe in the vicinity, looking out at it all. It was painfully beautiful, enough for witches to take off the camisoles and vests and run screaming into the sea and come out to roll on the white sand.
On such a day in Cape Town you can feel like falling in love. Even if you are no sorcerer, you want to run into the waves like a blabbering two year-old fascinated by the magic of the sea, sand and humhum of humanity all about.
Or, you could, if you feel like, like this couple, spend the afternoon under the sun touching, and kissing, playing footsie-footsie, whispering nothings, and looking into each other’s eyes.
I guess there is a relationship between beauty and love. I am not talking of only physical human beauty. I am talking about beauty in the world, of the sun, sea, nature; of people laughing, kids playing, a couple being into each other. That sort of beauty.


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