Men and Love in Africa, no. 3

The 3rd image in the series on men and love in Africa.
Why is it readily apparent that these two are lovers. By lovers I don’t mean in a French sort of way, but simply that they are in a love relationship; girlfriend and boyfriend perhaps, or engaged to each other, maybe even newly married?
Why? Look at the image. Look how they hold each other: that screams ‘love’!
Look at how her head snuggles into his neck and cheek. Look at her mouth. It has sadness written all over. Stay a little longer, the mouth says, in fact the whole body says. Why do you have to go?
And look at his tenderly protective arm around her. If you are interested in such affairs, you wonder what is going through his mind. Where is he going (more on that shortly)? Why do he have to leave? Is he a bigamist, and another wife and children are waiting for him elsewhere?
Is it not amazing and yet commonsensical to tell something of what is happening from looking at two people. The image says it all. Ok, it says a lot. Or something. Something like, in this case, ‘this is love’. Like, parting is such sweet sorrow, did I hear someone say?
With the airline acronyms clear behind, it is obvious they are taking leave of each other at the airport. I wondered to myself, then, whether it was the man or woman who was flying. Man, I said. The black ugly luggage is the clue. How is that for a stereotype: men generally carry uglier bags. Of course it might have been the woman. Because they looked young and she may not have enough money to buy a nice bag, she may have been the one leaving.
Who would you say was flying out?


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