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How I Came To Be Interested in the Development of Racial Identification in Black and White Children

 At several points in my career I have been asked, and at other times have volunteered, how I came to be interested in the research subjects I write on. Before I say how I came upon these interests, first let me say what those interests are. My work has tended to revolve around mainly three areas: race, men, sexuality. I write about many … Continue reading

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What I Learned From the Death of a Young Black Man

“But I can’t teach my son to live with insecurity, guardedness, suspicion. You can’t go through life fearing you will be shot or arrested because you walk at night alone while black.” This is one of the things I wrote last week while trying to process the not guilty verdict in the trial of George … Continue reading

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How Do You Explain the Conundrum of Good Young Black Masculinity in Racist Society to Young Black Men Don’t run, you will be suspect of something. Don’t walk slowly too, you might be shot. This is the conundrum of explaining the politics of young black masculinity in racist society to young black men. Is there then a right way to walk, hold you body, feel, laugh, be angry if you are male, young, and black? … Continue reading

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“The One Thing All Men Feel, But Never Admit” by Elizabeth Plank on

Here is piece that is worth reading. It’s about a new documentary in the making on men and boys with the title The Mask You Live In.   The doccie works similar concerns we are seized with here at New African Men. Watch the trailer. The director of the doccie is Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The piece by Plank says the director went around … Continue reading

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The Value of a Black Kid’s Life

“A young black man can be murdered on perception. A young black man becomes the criminal so that the real criminal can go free. Americans should not fear riots. They should fear a society that ranks the death of children. They should fear a society that shrugs, carries on, and lets them go. Americans should … Continue reading