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New African Men

New African Men: Word Cloud Created With Worditout, 11-july-2013 (c) New African Men

New African Men Word Cloud. Created with Worditout today, July 11, 2013. 

I shouldn’t feel so proud because, well, it’s so simple. But I do, I do. And so tingly too.

Still, to find out that this sort of thing doesn’t take long at all, well, you can put me in chains and call me a fetishist.

Anyhow, all one had to do was insert the blog’s URL. Remove words I don’t like. Add words I like. Change fonts. And voilà.

Well, old hands and young clever uns who do this sort of thing in their sleep will smile and shake their heads. But, having just learned to do this, I feel all so capable and creative and all that.

I think I will go deeper into the internets and find how one can create the two I have been meaning to create but was afraid to ask. Look out for one on the Alphabet of Black Men’s Sexual Happiness in the near future.

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