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We All Need a Pep Talk Sometime

Following the post on Trayvon Martin and the mortal danger and fear that black kids live with (an excerpt of which was posted on Facebook), a friend made this comment.

She said: “I do not know what to say to this….just that I hope that your son loves who he is and will love his life as it comes to him. Just like I and many women continue to love the fact that we are women, even in the most sexist of countries….”

My response is that it is true. In regard to thought, I have often been troubled with how women, South African women in particualr, and more especially black women in this country, live with the threat of sexual violence. It doesn’t change much, not in any swift way. But one hopes that in a little way, in writing against this threat, standing in solidarity with women, talking against rape and the subordination, and working in whatever way to change violent masculinities to peaceful egalitarian ones, things will move. I said to her, it is true, I agreem women continue to love (including men), even though they live in sexually violent and sexist countries. 

The answer is, surely, to stay connected, loving, hoping, and living with abandon in spite of the rapacious capitalism that makes us hate ourselves, the sexisms, the racist hatred, and the pervasise violence. That’s all we can do, we must do, if we are not become monstrous ourselves.

But then, she also send me this link by the Kid President to pep me up. I had not seen this before today. I guess all of us need a pep talk some time. I also saw another clip where the Kid President meets Obama.


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