Sex Noises


University, as you might always have known (or not), are not only places where you go to get an education. Or rather, university education also includes sex education.

That kind of education can be noisy. And when sex education takes places during silent hours of the night, it can be disturbing to other students.

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa has had to put up a notice in one of the student residences asking some of the students who are too noisy during their the sex capers to keep it down.

The historically progressive UWC, or Bush as it was called and is still fondly referred to, is clearly aware that Universities are places where students are going to have sex. And so instead of trying to work against the current, it advisedly encourages more muted sexual activity and risky behaviour.

The notice put up in one of the floors of the student residence reads: “Complaints have  been received from several students concerning sexual noises originating from this floor. We cannot stress this enough, other residents require silence during late hours. If you are going to have sex, please make sure you keep it low and remember to make us of the condoms available to all res students from any of the restrooms (male and female).” 

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