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“It Is Refusing To Have Sex , Not Consenting To It, That Has Put Me, And Many Others Women In The Dog-Box” by Jedi Ramalapa.

Here is a piece by Jedi Ramalapa from her blog “Between The Lines.” Read on without going into defensive mode.


“One in Three Men Rape…

True or False?

 I recently told a group of men standing around their outdoor fire this alarming statistic I found from reading a Report by the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC).  They told me not to generalize, paint men with the same brush etc. So I told them  that I was not the one saying it, I was just sharing  information that the  researchers at the MRC had discovered after conducting  interviews with  a cross-section of South African men and ,  when asked the question have you ever forced  yourself on a woman (sex without consent) one in three  respondents said yes.  One of the men standing around the fire said “don’t tell us about flawed, western statistics’. So I decided to tell them a story, based on my own personal experience, to illustrate why I shared the information in the first place, and why the figure though shocking may not be so far-fetched after all.  Here’s the story…”

Read on:

One in Three Men RAPE….


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