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The Dangers of an Unthinking African President of South Africa

Part of the title of this post is courtesy of a so-so satirical take from the blog by Siyanda Mohutsiwa on the blooper by President Jacob Zuma when he indirectly remarked to Gauteng drivers not to “think like Africans in Africa” and pay their e-tolls. “Think like Africans in Africa?” Really? I don’t get it. As opposed to Africans in Europe? … Continue reading

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Reimagining the Idea of African Traditions

Tomorrow night I will be in Ghana. I will be attending the International Conference on African Studies, which has the theme “Revisiting the First International Congress of Africanists in A Globalised World”, taking place at the University of Ghana, from October 24 to 26. I proposed and will be convening a series of panels under … Continue reading

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Why Over 36 000 School-Girls Fell Pregnant in 2010 and What To Do About It

Last year I wrote on the South African National Department of Basic Education’s Report on the ‘2009-2010 Annual Surveys for Ordinary Schools’ in the post “Wouldn’t it Make Girls’ Lives Happier and Richer if We Gave Boys an Education That Makes Them More Caring About Girls’ Aspirations”. The 2010-2011 Schools Report was released at the … Continue reading

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Dealing with Emotional Trauma is Not for Bourgeoise Mamas’ Babies

Men have hearts – believe it or not. Men’s hearts, like women’s, can get really badly hurt. Unlike women, men are not as adept in doing the work that heals a heart. I wouldn’t be able to say stuff like that when I was in my teens and twenties, given to acting all smooth as … Continue reading

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Letter to a Post-Graduate Student

A few weeks ago a post-graduate student approached me wanting to discuss her project. It happens to be on African masculinity and work. It’s a subject of interest to me. Our discussion was interesting too. It was something else she broached, though, an apparently non-project related issue, that turned to be more troubling and exciting to my mind. … Continue reading

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Black Males Feel Pain and Joy

Black males are natural born rapists. African men will murder you just like that. It is part of African culture to abuse children and women. We have to protect women and kids from these violent beasts. They need to be locked for life. Nothing less than the death penalty will do for these people. They don’t belong in society. We must … Continue reading

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We Are Not Black Africans

Black people should rebel against being forced to tick the so-called ‘Black African’ box the post-apartheid government and its agencies like Statistics South Africa use to identify them. We are not Black Africans. We are Africans. Period. Black African is an insult. There is an important distinction. I was reminded of this by Percy Mabandu’s City Press columns of September … Continue reading