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The Way Children Learn To Love, or Hate, Their Bodies, Minds, and Race

Even if there is only a thousand of black children, instead of a million, who think that black is not as intelligent, talented, and beautiful as white, it means changing the racialised preference of black children remains a key challenge for parents of black children everywhere in the world.

Even if there is only a thousand of whites who think that blacks are not as intelligent, talented, and beautiful as them, it means the quest to undo racism and prejudice remains one of our great challenges. Continue reading

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Thoughts of Spending Time With Female Students Overwhelming To Male Student

This story, about a male student who took his professor to a human rights tribunal because the thought of being in a class full of females made him anxious, is amusing. Thank you to the folk at Southern Masculinities for bringing it to our attention. Finding it ‘very funny’ too, Professor Lindsay Clowes observes that ‘it raises all sorts of questions … Continue reading


Teaching Men and Boys to Understand How Some Performances of Masculinity Compromise Lives

Last year Lisa Vetten and I co-edited a special issue of the journal Agenda. One of the papers that we received and published was by Professor Lindsay Clowes.  A really well-argued piece of reflection, it is concerned with the issue of teaching on the subject of masculinity. The paper has the title “The limits of … Continue reading