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Seeing Biology as Destiny Denies Men the Possibility of Change in the Future

In a piece that first appeared on M&G Thought Leader, Lindsay Clowes, associate professor  of women’s and gender studies at the University of Western Cape, tries to dismantle the “myth of a timeless masculinity that somehow exists outside history and culture”. This is a very powerful, baffling, myth, as I will say again below. Professor Clowes writes that according … Continue reading

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New Article on South African Men

Here is a new article by Kopano Ratele on South African men and masculinities. “Currents against gender transformation of South African men: relocating marginality to the centre of research and theory of masculinities” is published in the new issue of the relaunched NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2014. The abstract of … Continue reading

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Government and Vodacom Establish a Call Centre Dedicated to Provide Support and Counselling to Victims of Gender Based Violence

Forget that it’s called a Command Centre. You don’t need to like them for their excellent service, high call rates, or raise your eyebrow because Vodacom is partnering government on this project. Actually, it is a laudable thing for big business to consider gender based as a social scourge. I don’t know what a call centre will do to bring down level of … Continue reading