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New Article on South African Men

March 27 - NORMA

Here is a new article by Kopano Ratele on South African men and masculinities. “Currents against gender transformation of South African men: relocating marginality to the centre of research and theory of masculinities” is published in the new issue of the relaunched NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2014.

The abstract of “Currents against gender transformation of South African men” states: 

The South African research on men, boys and masculinities appears to be underachieving. The article presents a number of research-related and socio-political discursive cross-currents tied to this unconvincing performance. These are currents within and against which masculinities are produced and masculinities research conducted. They are seen as opposed to changing gender power relations and the transformation of boys, men and masculinities in post-apartheid society. The inventory of these currents is intended to be taken as signposts of the ongoing struggle for dominance among the forces pressing against the project of changing gender power relations and men’s transformation. The article suggests that while there are obvious hegemonic ideas about masculinity in the country, these ideas are complicated by the marginality of (South) African society in juxtaposition to powerful multinational capitalist ideologies. It is contended that what we might be in need of are culturally-intelligent studies and activism on men in their locatedness in their marginal worlds. A door into gaining better access into masculinities located in this zone of marginality and representing pro-feminist work with men and boys as pro-African is the critical re-deployment of the notion of ‘(the) tradition/al’ as constitutive of masculinity.

 The new issue of NORMA – like the name – carries several other articles which will be of interest to all of you keen to keep abreast of what’s going on around the world with men and masculinities. The journal can be accessed for free here.


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