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Why I Am Against So-called Integrated Schools


Photo AFP/Getty Images

Because black kids in these schools are in the minority, numerically and culturally, and thus the notion of integration is a lie.

Because these so-called integrated schools teach black boys and girls to admire white, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal traditions and to become schizoid about black wisdom, languages, pride, beauty and all the life-giving values they may have learned at home

Because, in these schools, what is called ‘quality education’ is embedded in the very ideologies which reproduce the cultural superiority of heteropatrirachal capitalist whiteness.

Because the cultural costs for handing over black boys and girls to schools that teach them to admire white, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal values, if subtle in any single lesson, over the long term are high and, like crack-cocaine, destructive.

Because as a parent to a boy I would not want him to be an academic superstar and yet oppressive to others and not quite like himself. Because no parent in her right mind would not want a school that teaches her child that black cultures are inferior to white cultures, girls have less rights than boys, or homosexuality is a disease or sin.

Because I want genuine integration. And at “At the heart of true integration”, as Biko says, “is the provision for each man, each group to rise and attain the envisioned self. Each group must be able to attain its style of existence without encroaching on or being thwarted by another. Out of this mutual respect for each other and complete freedom of self-determination there will obviously arise a genuine fusion of the life-styles of the various groups. This is true integration.”


Black Consciousness Movement leader Steve Biko in a suit, sitting on chair. Source unknown

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