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Throw Like A Girl. Or What Tampons Have To Do With Masculinity

You may have seen this. It’s actually an ad. By Lauren Greenfield. It’s for what’s sometimes referred to feminine or female health. That is to say, tampons and pads. What do tampons and pads have to do with masculinity, you want to know. If it has to do with gender, because reproductive and sexual health have to do … Continue reading

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South African President Zuma Promises Free WiFi in Informal Settlements and a Focus on African Boys in His State of the Nation Address

On Tuesday night, June 17, President Jacob Zuma gave the State of the Nation Address. If I’m correct this was Zuma’s sixth State of the Nation Address in total and first of his second term as Head of State. But you wouldn’t say. South Africans have become used to headman Zuma and his uninspiring, compromised, leadership. He is cunning, Zuma. That’s why he … Continue reading