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The Icelandic Penis Museum – Apparently The Only One Of Its Kind In The World



I didn’t get to visit the Penis Museum while I was in Iceland over a week ago.

At the time, I didn’t think there would be anything to see. I am starting to feel that it might not have been good idea to give it a skip.

I seem to have been influenced by the thought that I once visited a sex museum in Amsterdam and don’t recall a single enduringly intriguing thing I saw during that visit. I barely remember the sex machines and other contraptions, and for the life of the Vatsayana and all devotees of the Kama Sutra, it appears to have been a totally unmemorable experience.

Apparently, the Icelandic Penis Museum is the only one of its kind in the world. Does that not beg the question, how many more genital museums do we need in the world. Do we one per country? Per culture? Or do we need one continental African Penis Museum? But since we don’t have one for the vagina in my country, or other African countries I have been to, do we not need African Vagina Museums? To what end though?

Now, I do think all of us, in Africa, Europe, the Americas, even Asia do need radical sex education, absolutely. But genital museums?

I need not process that.

What do you think?

Ok. I have thought about it. Perhaps museums are to be thought as sexual aids along penis pumps, Viagra, the Pill, vibrators, condoms, whips, lubricants, and such things. Forget the kind of knowledge they archive, represent, produce and circulate. That’s important, of course. But it is true that there is always a need for elementary, but anti-missionary, classes about sex and body parts and what people within a culture and the world have thought about penises, testicles, spermatozoa, buttocks (they are sexual organs too, are they not – certainly erogenous zones). And we, humans, can think some weird and wonderful thoughts about all of these.

I guess one shouldn’t take it for granted that everyone knows that most penises are slightly bent, that there are all kinds of shapes, and girths, and lengths, and colours. That masturbation will not turn you blind or make you grow hairs in your left palm, or that oral sex is not a sin. That feet (yes, feet), breasts, vaginas, ova, uteruses, shoes, cossets, hair, fat, skinniness, and skin colour are or can be imbued with sexual desire and fantasy.

But why, we would need to include bedrooms, violence, urolagnia, cars, masochism and its opposites, marriage, power, love, and lingerie. And much more. What do you know, I don’t know what they have at the museum of the penis in Iceland, but there is certainly a need for radical sex education. And that is more education that can fit in one museum.

Look at that, I am regretting not going to the Penis Museum already.

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