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Throw Like A Girl. Or What Tampons Have To Do With Masculinity

Woolen tampons

You may have seen this. It’s actually an ad. By Lauren Greenfield. It’s for what’s sometimes referred to feminine or female health. That is to say, tampons and pads.

What do tampons and pads have to do with masculinity, you want to know.

If it has to do with gender, because reproductive and sexual health have to do with gender, unless you have not heard of feminism, then tampons have to with femininities, and masculinities can never be fully understood without understanding femininities.

I’m posting the link here below I feel every African girl AND boy and their parents and teachers ought to see this.

Not true. I am reposting this because boys of every stripe and size, and girls everywhere from Angola back to Azerbaijan, children in Nigeria to Syria, but also places where gender and sexual equality struggles have been won (if there are such places in the universe), children of whatever nationality, big and small boys and girls, women and men ought have a chance to run, talk, walk, throw, dress or do whatever they want to do like themselves, whether that be in female or male or queer body.

Let me say one last thing right quick. When I watched the video I was reminded of an exhibition I saw a while ago by Zanele Muholi. It might have been her first solo show at Michael Stevenson. The exhibition had images of pads with menstrual blood. That’s not pretty art, no way. However, as a statement on the womanhood and sexuality and reality of black lesbian lives it was no doubt powerful. I don’t think queer black girls and women’s menstrual blood is what Always wanted to get me thinking of with the ad, but the art of black queer women and girls is where my mind went to even while I saw the ad had to with boys and masculinity.

So will you take a few minutes and watch this, please. And let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “Throw Like A Girl. Or What Tampons Have To Do With Masculinity

  1. love it!!! have book marked it to show in class next year! Really underlines the negative power of gender stereotypes. Not often you find an ad campaign that works to challenge stereotypes of femininity.

    • It does. You know what else? I find it more and more interesting how ads like this one also blur the left and right? If corporations can have progressive ads like this, critical gender and sexuality researchers and activists are challenged to reconsider how they pursue their objectives. Students might have something to say about that.

      • Twas a wonderful class yesterday – mine was very boring after yours! But I was able to make lots of connections with what you’d said, so they worked well together. Thanks so much for coming! And I have posted the link to this ad on the discussion forum.

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