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Luxurious Prison

Watch this first.

Did you ask, after watching, what’s the point of a luxurious prison like this when people have to be punished for their misdeeds, bad choices, and evil actions? That’s the wrong question.

Do you feel that it’s too much; that criminals don’t deserve to be treated like this; that rapists and murderers and thieves are scum of the earth?

Of course you can feel whatever you are feeling. You have to be Jesus to even consider that those who commit crimes must pay for them. Yet it is interesting to ask ourselves why we feel in a certain way about this or any other phenomenon?

I believe it’s the wrong question to ask what the point of treating prisoners well because the real question is indeed why don’t we treat others better when we are in a position to do so. Others include prisoners.

The issue then is what’s the point of treating those convicted of crimes badly. Does being convicted of crime expel one from the circle of humans?

If there is a high likelihood that all inmates in South Africa, and many of the unemployed and the working poor too, would freely choose to be in a Norwegian gaol like this, we ought to ask why?

The answer is obvious. Why not is the answer. If for a significant number of South Africans who have not committed any crime life outside prison may be no better than being in a Norwegian prison, why would they not want to be in a prison like that? Here you will get regular nutritious food. Here you have comparatively high chances of acquiring a skill or diploma. You can start to know what leisure means. You can learn about computers and perhaps surf the interweb.

Given that the answer is so obvious why do we continue as a society to tolerate the wretched conditions in which large number men, women and children live in such ‘criminal’ conditions outside of prison? The conditions in which many children, men and women exist are a crime waiting to happen.

The question, that is to say, is what socially dead man or boy, or what woman or girl who sees this ‘luxury’, would not want to be in a gaol where one is treated like a human being?

Could it be possible that life for some South African and United States citizens may be better inside a Norwegian prison that outside? That’s my question.



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