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This Blog-post Can Help You Attract Straight White Women

Advertisement for Volkswagen’s new Polo

Last weekend’s Sunday Times ran this ad for Volkswagen’s new Polo. 

VW clearly do not see anything wrong with the ad. Half of the as is taken by these words: This car can help you attract women. Just drive it to places where there are women. And be really charming.

The Sunday Times clearly didn’t see anything wrong too. 

Anyhow, I suspect the admen who worked on the ad thought it funny. (Do you think there women who worked on the account? You never know in a post-feminism era.) The last sentence was possibly supposed to make everything right: And be really charming.

I would like to know what you feel about the ad? Is it sexist? Is it possible that it is targeting lesbians? What is a respectable newspaper’s ethical responsibility to equality and non-discrimination? Would it change the way you feel if the add included the words ‘straight white’, or ‘lesbian black’ in front of women? 

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