Women in Politics

Map of Women in Politics 2015

This is an map showing how women fare in politics across the world. The map is issued annually by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Women.

Why should the map be of interest to you as a man?

Where to begin? In short, we need to talk about you and your relationship to women. The fact is all of us, if we value social justice that is, need to inform ourselves about the political nature of politics. Power is all around us, but politics in the heart of how power is organised in society. National and world politics is about who makes decision in a nation and around the world.

Men’s social relationships with women are fundamentally written by power, not a set of issues outside of power, meaning decided in good measure by the laws enacted in parliaments. Men’s power over women is thus politics – not a just ‘political’ where that term might often attract meanings of issues one step removed from real politics. Men’s power over women is men’s politics about women. When women do not run the government, judiciaries, parliaments, business or civil society organs it means women have little decision how society is run.

This map is then intended to highlight women’s continued political powerlessness, relative to men political power participation. It shows that in many countries of the world, the political “glass ceilings remain firmly in place for women at the highest levels”.

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