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6 Things African Boys (and Grown Men) Need to Embrace About Masturbation (As Told By Cheyenne, A Girl from Outside LA)

Here are 6 things African boys (and, I bet grown men too) need to, eh, embrace about masturbation. The lesson is presented by Cheyenne, a feminist girl from outside Los Angeles with Mexican, Cuban and White US heritage.

It’s time I share this. Why? It’s educational and entertaining, that’s first reason. I like it, as I do other videos they do at – which makes two good reasons.

The videos are obviously meant to empower girls. We need more of that. Much more. We need every girl, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, girls of all nationalities, empowered with all the education they need about the world, their possibilities, their talents, their histories, and their bodies, if they are going to have a life free of gender oppression. A sexually healthy and happy life.

But there is a clear need to give boys a profeminist sexually-positive sex education. And adult men too. As fathers, friends, lovers, partners, and husbands so they can talk to their children and partners as well become better sexual mates. We all need ongoing education about this changing and exciting world we share as boys and girls, women and men.

So, although the videos are primarily meant for girls, I guess you could say some of us never got the email. Also, to iterate, who says boys and old men like me do not need to know more about masturbation! Moreover, I have heard that we need good sex ed in many countries, given all the unplanned pregnancies that we have in some of the African countries, and this is sex ed as it should be done. Don’t forget HIV/Aids, rape, gender power, and unhappy sexual and marital relationships. Watch.


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