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African Boys, Men and Masculinities Reimagined – Programme

2nd Announcement12.4.16


Two weeks ago we posted an announcement for the Symposium on African Boys, Men and Masculinities to be held at the University of Western Cape (UWC) on May 4, 2016.

Here is the draft Programme

Since the announcement a new speaker, Monique Huysamen, had been added to the programme. A doctoral candidate at UCT, Ms Huysamen will talk about her work on men who buy sex, under the title, Doing’ race, ‘doing’ gender: Exploring the complex dynamics of cross-gender interviews with men who pay for sex.

The rest of the details are as follows: Professor Kopano Ratele of the University of South Africa and the Medical Research Council will talk on How to study men from African psychological perspectives.

A culturally embedded (Ubuntu) model of self for positive personal transformation of African men is the title of the talk to be given by Ms Shahieda Jansen, a therapist associated with the University of Western Cape. Ms Jansen runs men’s groups at the University and in Cape Town.

Dr Sakhumzi Mfecane, an anthropologist at the University of Western Cape, will talk on Theorising masculinity through African concepts. Dr Mfecane specializes studies on men and HIV. He is the co-host of the symposium with Professor Ratele.

Ms Mandisa Malinga, who graduates with a PhD in June and is based at Stellenbosch University, will present on Cross-gender interviews and Xhosa masculinities: The cultural implications.

The title of Professor Lindsay Clowes’s talk is Elephants in the room: the significance of gender in undergraduate gender studies classes at the University of the Western Cape. A historian by training, she teaches in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Western Cape.

Professor Malose Langa of Wits University will talk on The emotional costs of being a ‘different’ young black young man. Many of his studies have focused on boys, violence, and fatherlessness.

It promises to be an interesting gathering. Spread the word.

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