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What Nice Men Really Want?

Are you a nice man? Then watch this. It’s for men like you. And the women who love them. You don’t have to watch if you are terribly busy. But I think you’ll find it interesting.

Or maybe you are a very bad boy. Then you have to watch this.

Or maybe you have a tiny badness in you, in secret, but you are usually nice in public. Or vice versa: sometimes you are nice, but you often behave badly to others and to number 1? This is for you then.

If you cannot make up your mind, just watch this:


One thought on “What Nice Men Really Want?

  1. mmmm… even nice guys can be liars, sexists and comtempting to women, despite their apparently public involvement with social justice. So, still in those cases, we have to deal with a masculinity with toxic features, because the problem is not about roughness is about power since people can manipulate, abuse, hurt others even with not saying a word and smiling tenderly.

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