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Telling the Untold Stories of Black Fatherhood with Sensitivity

It never ends. Thinking about manhood. Finding a way to think about black manhood. Trying to understand how a man understand being a black father. If you believe that all men are then same, then there is nothing to understand: all men are dogs. But if you think every man and every woman has a story to tell it … Continue reading

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20 Photos That Depict True Modern Fatherhood

Doyin Richards shares photos that truly define fatherhood in today’s society. — Today’s dads are clueless, incompetent, emotionless buffoons who don’t know their asses from their elbows when it comes to childcare, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Continue reading

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The Doomed Life of Happy Sindane

I can’t quite figure out why South Africa is fascinated with the death Happy Sindane. That was my earliest thought when I saw story after story of the end of Sindane. I know now, though, that is not what is going on in the coverage Sindane’s murder has received.   The question one should ask, … Continue reading

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Father Tying Daughter’s Shoe, Moullie Point Children’s Park, Cape Town, South Africa, Saturday March 09, 2013.

It’s in the little things, ja? That’s what caring is about. When you are done making the money or acting all manly, this is the stuff that defines their internal life, and ours. What defines what kind of uncaring or caring person they turn out to be. It’s taking time to play with your daughter … Continue reading