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South African researchers release a study on how South African families think about gender (in)equality at home

Here is a journal article on how South African parents and children talk about and do gender and gender equality at home. The researchers visited families to hear how parents and children talk with each about equality, masculinity and femininities. Parents were asked questions such as ‘Do you think there should be a difference in … Continue reading

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In a Country Where Women are Free to Dress as They Please, Why is There Violence?

Here is an article on violence, or something, in the favelas of Brazil. It’s a well-written article, a sort of cultural psychology of slum life of Brazil. But is it about violence, or it is about some other thing, which, however, is easier to talk of as violence but is actually difficult to articulate? I say the article is on violence because … Continue reading

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“101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women” By Michael Urbina

Michael Urbina must still be in shock. On July 26, 2013 he posted a piece titled “101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women” on his blog As I write this and repost his piece, just after 14.00 South African time today, August 5, 2013, there are hundreds of comments, a bunch … Continue reading

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It’s Capitalist Racist Patriarchy, Stupid! Learn To Be, Like, White

In April a number of media outlets ran the news of how white people still dominate management position in South Africa. I don’t know what the media, without generalizing too much, think of South Africans. I don’t whether we were being asked to be surprised, disappointed, angry, or laugh that there isn’t much new about … Continue reading