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A South African National Union of Black Academics

“Like Steve Biko said in 1968, I think we need a national union of black academics, particularly at white liberal universities.” Xolela Mangcu, Black academics must unite, City Press, 14 Oct 2014. I don’t know about the emphasis on white liberal universities. The struggle over universities is not only at liberal universities. It occurs at … Continue reading

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Letter to a Post-Graduate Student

A few weeks ago a post-graduate student approached me wanting to discuss her project. It happens to be on African masculinity and work. It’s a subject of interest to me. Our discussion was interesting too. It was something else she broached, though, an apparently non-project related issue, that turned to be more troubling and exciting to my mind. … Continue reading

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“It Is Refusing To Have Sex , Not Consenting To It, That Has Put Me, And Many Others Women In The Dog-Box” by Jedi Ramalapa.

Here is a piece by Jedi Ramalapa from her blog “Between The Lines.” Read on without going into defensive mode.   “One in Three Men Rape… True or False?  I recently told a group of men standing around their outdoor fire this alarming statistic I found from reading a Report by the Medical Research Council of South … Continue reading

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It’s Capitalist Racist Patriarchy, Stupid! Learn To Be, Like, White

In April a number of media outlets ran the news of how white people still dominate management position in South Africa. I don’t know what the media, without generalizing too much, think of South Africans. I don’t whether we were being asked to be surprised, disappointed, angry, or laugh that there isn’t much new about … Continue reading

Men Who Speak With Fists: Pearlie Joubert
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Men Who Speak With Fists: Pearlie Joubert

Five years ago this month the journalist Pearlie Joubert wrote this article for the Mail & Guardian ( I met Pearlie for the first time last week. During our conversation slash interview slash ideas-storm about a project on “how to start a revolution”, she was reminded by something I said about the article and promised to send … Continue reading

South Africa Tolerates Violence Against Poor Black Young Men
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South Africa Tolerates Violence Against Poor Black Young Men

There’s no better time to make men aware that many of the behaviours the majority of them tend to associate with true manhood are more likely to lead them to an early death than the delivery room. Use the teachable moment when a man’s wife or girlfriend is giving birth and we might start to … Continue reading