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“If you care about women as actual human beings”

Read this. It’s not about Harvey Weinstein. It’s about much more than that. It’s about all of us men. Read what Musa Okwonga says: “If you care about women as actual human beings, and not just as extensions of yourselves – that is to say, if they are not just your daughters, your sisters, your mothers – … Continue reading

Africa / Violence

Living Peace

“Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has often made headlines for its on-going conflicts, which have led millions to lose their lives, suffer displacement, or become the victims, witnesses, or perpetrators of violence. Living Peace, a programme in DRC dedicated to gender equality and the prevention of violence, could provide lessons learned for other countries … Continue reading


Why are South African universities in the grip of hot violence?

  South African universities are in the grip of hot violence. Students  occupying space, attacking property and burning paintings; policing using force and arresting students; students kicking other students. Voices are calling for violence to stop. How might we understand this violence? It is not as if we are not aware of other daily forms of violence at South African universities, so what distinguishes what … Continue reading

Sexuality / Violence

Even as We Face Sexual Violence, Young (and Not So Young People) Still Need To Know Some Things Before Oral Sex

In November I posted this piece about “6 Things African Boys (and Grown Men) Need to Embrace About Masturbation”. The nub of the post was this video lesson from presented by presented by Cheyenne, who says she is from outside Los Angeles in the United States and has Mexican, Cuban and White American ancestry. … Continue reading


South African Should Have a Warning: Please Come, But You Enter at Your Own Risk

Besides what I wrote on NewAfricanMen last week on the xenophobic violence that had flared up in South Africa as well as government and civil society responses to the events, I wrote two other pieces. One of the article was published in The Star of Wednesday April 22 2015. In the same edition, the newspaper published an … Continue reading