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Designing a New Critical African Psychology of Men and Masculinities

Long Abstract About three months ago I was in Paris where I had travelled to participate in the 6th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS). Over two years before that I convened three panels at the International Conference on African Studies that took place in Accra, in October 2013. A few months prior in the … Continue reading


South African Should Have a Warning: Please Come, But You Enter at Your Own Risk

Besides what I wrote on NewAfricanMen last week on the xenophobic violence that had flared up in South Africa as well as government and civil society responses to the events, I wrote two other pieces. One of the article was published in The Star of Wednesday April 22 2015. In the same edition, the newspaper published an … Continue reading

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The Dangers of an Unthinking African President of South Africa

Part of the title of this post is courtesy of a so-so satirical take from the blog by Siyanda Mohutsiwa on the blooper by President Jacob Zuma when he indirectly remarked to Gauteng drivers not to “think like Africans in Africa” and pay their e-tolls. “Think like Africans in Africa?” Really? I don’t get it. As opposed to Africans in Europe? … Continue reading

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We Are Not Black Africans

Black people should rebel against being forced to tick the so-called ‘Black African’ box the post-apartheid government and its agencies like Statistics South Africa use to identify them. We are not Black Africans. We are Africans. Period. Black African is an insult. There is an important distinction. I was reminded of this by Percy Mabandu’s City Press columns of September … Continue reading

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Man, Show Your Daughter that Women Don’t Need Men to Move their Furniture

How does an African man prove to his daughter that women don’t need men to move their furniture? Actually, I don’t know. Do you? The blogger at Hope Avenue doesn’t say anything about African men. But it has something new African men can think of when thinking about their daughters, and may even sons. They can learn that … Continue reading

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“Some Africans Who Become Too Clever”

Here is the first draft of the piece that appeared under Mbuyiselo Botha and my name in the City Press of 11 November 2012. First, though, I should say that the piece is a response to these impromptu remarks by President Jacob Zuma in his address to the National House of Traditional Leaders on the Traditional … Continue reading