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Zuma Admits the African National Congress (ANC) is to Blame

You could have felled me without a traditional weapon. Yesterday, after raging against the President Jacob Zuma and his party, African National Congress (ANC), for not taking responsibility for the violence that permeates our lives, and for the ridiculous expression of pain, Zuma admitted that the ANC is to blame. Forget that he still blamed … Continue reading

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What do Middle Class African Men in Post-apartheid South Africa Want: Money, Fame, or Carrying the White Man’s Bags?

  What do middle class African men in post-apartheid South Africa want? This is not the same question that Frantz Fanon asked. But it is close. Fanon’s question was, “What does a man want? What does a black man want?” To carry the white man’s and mulatto’s bags. This is one of many answers Fanon gave. … Continue reading

Mbuyiselo Botha: I May Be A Proud Feminist, But I Am No Sissy
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Mbuyiselo Botha: I May Be A Proud Feminist, But I Am No Sissy

Somebody who doesn’t have the new reservations I expressed in the previous blog post (Feminist men have more sexual fun) about males calling themselves feminist is the activist Mbuyiselo Botha. A friend and comrade, Mbuyiselo and I agree about many things in this project of trying to make salient the effects of men’s social power over … Continue reading