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‘Governor’ Maimane, his White ‘Sexual Object’, and Some Kind of New Hope for Young Masculinities

Forget about the politics, although that is reason we have come to know of him. Forget about the politics of race too, even though our society is the paradigm for the world on how race can be brutally politicised. And forget, for now the ‘white sexual object’, psychoanalytically speaking. Listening to ‘governor’ (or “ruler”, which … Continue reading

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A South African National Union of Black Academics

“Like Steve Biko said in 1968, I think we need a national union of black academics, particularly at white liberal universities.” Xolela Mangcu, Black academics must unite, City Press, 14 Oct 2014. I don’t know about the emphasis on white liberal universities. The struggle over universities is not only at liberal universities. It occurs at … Continue reading

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Black Males Feel Pain and Joy

Black males are natural born rapists. African men will murder you just like that. It is part of African culture to abuse children and women. We have to protect women and kids from these violent beasts. They need to be locked for life. Nothing less than the death penalty will do for these people. They don’t belong in society. We must … Continue reading

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We Are Not Black Africans

Black people should rebel against being forced to tick the so-called ‘Black African’ box the post-apartheid government and its agencies like Statistics South Africa use to identify them. We are not Black Africans. We are Africans. Period. Black African is an insult. There is an important distinction. I was reminded of this by Percy Mabandu’s City Press columns of September … Continue reading

The Great Wall of Vagina and the Black Penis Project
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The Great Wall of Vagina and the Black Penis Project

Last year at the Open Society’s Money, Sex, Power Forum held in May in Cape Town, I suggested to a well-known photographer a collaborative photo-documentary visual project on hundreds penises were we to get money to undertake such work. I was pleasantly surprised when, despite expressing a few reservations about what her established audiences would say about her … Continue reading

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How I Came To Be Interested in the Development of Racial Identification in Black and White Children

 At several points in my career I have been asked, and at other times have volunteered, how I came to be interested in the research subjects I write on. Before I say how I came upon these interests, first let me say what those interests are. My work has tended to revolve around mainly three areas: race, men, sexuality. I write about many … Continue reading