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We need a united front of antiracist, feminist, decolonial, anticapitalist, queer, black scholars

I have been asked by several people to respond to the newspaper article by University of Cape Town’s Professor Xolela Mangcu, published in the past Sunday’s City Press. I have hesitated because, well, I think the two people used to illustrate what are otherwise good points can do a far better job than I. There is also what … Continue reading

Blacks / Men / Violence / Women

Love Us. Don’t Rape Us. Don’t Joke About Rape

The rape of black women by black or white men is no laughing matter. I don’t believe any sane African man does not know this already, but let me say it one more time: the rape of black women by black or white men is no laughing matter. Why would anyone make jokes about it? … Continue reading

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Sampie Terreblanche May Be Right, and a Failing Transformation Has Everything To Do With Black Masculinity, Actually

Last month in a piece published on Times Live online pages I observed that, ‘though I have heard the view that the well-fed black classes, embodied in the persons of such luminaries as Khulubuse Zuma, hate the hungry masses of blacks, I find that I have to disagree’ (see piece here I am of the view … Continue reading