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Throw Like A Girl. Or What Tampons Have To Do With Masculinity

You may have seen this. It’s actually an ad. By Lauren Greenfield. It’s for what’s sometimes referred to feminine or female health. That is to say, tampons and pads. What do tampons and pads have to do with masculinity, you want to know. If it has to do with gender, because reproductive and sexual health have to do … Continue reading

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Black Males Feel Pain and Joy

Black males are natural born rapists. African men will murder you just like that. It is part of African culture to abuse children and women. We have to protect women and kids from these violent beasts. They need to be locked for life. Nothing less than the death penalty will do for these people. They don’t belong in society. We must … Continue reading

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The Value of a Black Kid’s Life

“A young black man can be murdered on perception. A young black man becomes the criminal so that the real criminal can go free. Americans should not fear riots. They should fear a society that ranks the death of children. They should fear a society that shrugs, carries on, and lets them go. Americans should … Continue reading

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Worrying About My Black Boy’s Future in America, by Allison R. Brown of America’s Wire Writers Group

My husband and I fuss and fret over our black boy. Like other parents, we worry about a lot. We want him to use his smarts for good. Do we coddle him too much? We want him to be tough and kind, but assertive and gentle, and not mean. His boundaries of independent exploration are … Continue reading