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20 Photos That Depict True Modern Fatherhood

Doyin Richards shares photos that truly define fatherhood in today’s society. — Today’s dads are clueless, incompetent, emotionless buffoons who don’t know their asses from their elbows when it comes to childcare, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Advertisements Continue reading

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Justice, Equality, Non-Sexism, Non-Racism, and Democracy Is What They Stood For – But Progressive Black Manhood Needn’t Mean Turning Into White Women in Drag

One of the ideals of the national freedom struggle in South Africa was to create a just, equal, non-sexist, non-racial, and democratic society. This is an ideal the Xhosa man of the abaThembu who became an international icon for progressive statesmanship and his fellow travelers stood for. We have not achieved that society yet. But … Continue reading

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Father Tying Daughter’s Shoe, Moullie Point Children’s Park, Cape Town, South Africa, Saturday March 09, 2013.

It’s in the little things, ja? That’s what caring is about. When you are done making the money or acting all manly, this is the stuff that defines their internal life, and ours. What defines what kind of uncaring or caring person they turn out to be. It’s taking time to play with your daughter … Continue reading

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Rough and Tumble Play is Good for Your Kids, I Think.

Aggressive, or what is better known as rough and tumble play, is an important element in kids’ psychological and social development. When moderated by attentive parents, R&T play teaches kids not only about the limits of aggression. In playing aggressively with a considerate parent a child also learns about intimacy. This understanding struck me with … Continue reading