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Justice, Equality, Non-Sexism, Non-Racism, and Democracy Is What They Stood For – But Progressive Black Manhood Needn’t Mean Turning Into White Women in Drag

One of the ideals of the national freedom struggle in South Africa was to create a just, equal, non-sexist, non-racial, and democratic society. This is an ideal the Xhosa man of the abaThembu who became an international icon for progressive statesmanship and his fellow travelers stood for. We have not achieved that society yet. But … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter If We Are A Democracy Or Not, As Long As We Have Food, Housing, and No Violence

It’s been a while. I didn’t intend to be gone so long. I just stepped away to do, talk, listen to others, and make sense of a few things. What a few weeks it’s been. What a time we live in. What a country this is. One can never stop learning. I don’t know where to restart … Continue reading

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In a Country Where Women are Free to Dress as They Please, Why is There Violence?

Here is an article on violence, or something, in the favelas of Brazil. It’s a well-written article, a sort of cultural psychology of slum life of Brazil. But is it about violence, or it is about some other thing, which, however, is easier to talk of as violence but is actually difficult to articulate? I say the article is on violence because … Continue reading

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Everything is Broken

In this piece first published in City Press of July 08, 2012, ( about accompanying his mother for her clinic visit to a public hospital, Hugo Canham ends telling of a painful story of man witnessing how a less than caring government affects people’s daily lives.      The story ended with my mother trapped in the red mud, her back broken in three … Continue reading