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The 3rd Male Psychology Conference

For those of you interested in the psychological aspects of males and able to travel to the United Kingdom, the 3rd Male Psychology Conference is taking place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June 2016 at University College London. The conference is not limited to psychologists. The organisers encourage abstracts from all academic disciplines, from students, therapists, and academics. … Continue reading

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Why Over 36 000 School-Girls Fell Pregnant in 2010 and What To Do About It

Last year I wrote on the South African National Department of Basic Education’s Report on the ‘2009-2010 Annual Surveys for Ordinary Schools’ in the post “Wouldn’t it Make Girls’ Lives Happier and Richer if We Gave Boys an Education That Makes Them More Caring About Girls’ Aspirations”. The 2010-2011 Schools Report was released at the … Continue reading

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Rough and Tumble Play is Good for Your Kids, I Think.

Aggressive, or what is better known as rough and tumble play, is an important element in kids’ psychological and social development. When moderated by attentive parents, R&T play teaches kids not only about the limits of aggression. In playing aggressively with a considerate parent a child also learns about intimacy. This understanding struck me with … Continue reading