Where Are The (Pro)Feminist Black Men?

Are there (pro)feminist black men? Why in heaven’s name would black men want to be involved with feminism? What does (pro)feminism entails anyway? Here is a paper that responds to these questions. The paper is co-authored by Kopano Ratele and Mbuyiselo Botha. If you are in South Africa, you may call this a precursor to a non-election related manifesto as we … Continue reading

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Two Views of A Tree: We Become What We Do, Hear and See

    Here are two views of a tree.  Now it is my intention to write about the Traditions Panels I convened in Ghana as part of International Conference on African Studies held at the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana, October 24-26, 2013. Quite an important moment, I think. The best pitso of the three I have … Continue reading

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Worrying About My Black Boy’s Future in America, by Allison R. Brown of America’s Wire Writers Group

My husband and I fuss and fret over our black boy. Like other parents, we worry about a lot. We want him to use his smarts for good. Do we coddle him too much? We want him to be tough and kind, but assertive and gentle, and not mean. His boundaries of independent exploration are … Continue reading