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It’s Capitalist Racist Patriarchy, Stupid! Learn To Be, Like, White

In April a number of media outlets ran the news of how white people still dominate management position in South Africa. I don’t know what the media, without generalizing too much, think of South Africans. I don’t whether we were being asked to be surprised, disappointed, angry, or laugh that there isn’t much new about … Continue reading

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Sampie Terreblanche May Be Right, and a Failing Transformation Has Everything To Do With Black Masculinity, Actually

Last month in a piece published on Times Live online pages I observed that, ‘though I have heard the view that the well-fed black classes, embodied in the persons of such luminaries as Khulubuse Zuma, hate the hungry masses of blacks, I find that I have to disagree’ (see piece here I am of the view … Continue reading

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What Does a Man Need to Teach his Son to Prepare for Manhood in Tomorrow’s South Africa?

In a highly unequal society where sexual and gender violence is a daily experience and a high number of black men die in the prime of the lives, what does a man teach his son to prepare for manhood? Many more South African black men just fail, or get failed, dying on their feet. Adding to the … Continue reading