The Great Wall of Vagina and the Black Penis Project
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The Great Wall of Vagina and the Black Penis Project

Last year at the Open Society’s Money, Sex, Power Forum held in May in Cape Town, I suggested to a well-known photographer a collaborative photo-documentary visual project on hundreds penises were we to get money to undertake such work. I was pleasantly surprised when, despite expressing a few reservations about what her established audiences would say about her … Continue reading

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What I Learned From the Death of a Young Black Man

“But I can’t teach my son to live with insecurity, guardedness, suspicion. You can’t go through life fearing you will be shot or arrested because you walk at night alone while black.” This is one of the things I wrote last week while trying to process the not guilty verdict in the trial of George … Continue reading

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Love and Happiness in Young Black Men’s Lives

Last week on Wednesday 25 July, Mandisa Malinga (M.A), an intern at the University of South Africa’s Institute for Social and Health Sciences, gave a presentation on the abovementioned title at the 30th International Congress of Psychology held in Cape Town, South Africa. The presentation was based on a study undertaken by Mandisa on our behalf … Continue reading