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Justice, Equality, Non-Sexism, Non-Racism, and Democracy Is What They Stood For – But Progressive Black Manhood Needn’t Mean Turning Into White Women in Drag

One of the ideals of the national freedom struggle in South Africa was to create a just, equal, non-sexist, non-racial, and democratic society. This is an ideal the Xhosa man of the abaThembu who became an international icon for progressive statesmanship and his fellow travelers stood for. We have not achieved that society yet. But … Continue reading

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Feelings and Thoughts of the Happiness of Seeming Opposites on Reconciliation Day, December 16 2013

Much has been said and written about the man. And much more will be in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. It’s exhausting. It’s energising. It’s depressing knowing how much a man and his comrades can do for you without you even recognising your debt for their sacrifice; how small, selfish, in your … Continue reading

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What Does a Man Need to Teach his Son to Prepare for Manhood in Tomorrow’s South Africa?

In a highly unequal society where sexual and gender violence is a daily experience and a high number of black men die in the prime of the lives, what does a man teach his son to prepare for manhood? Many more South African black men just fail, or get failed, dying on their feet. Adding to the … Continue reading