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White rage

Ferguson is about the anger of capitalist patriarchal whiteness of power in the US, of course. And Carol Anderson, associate professor of African-American Studies at Emory, makes it clear here. Anderson writes: When we look back on what happened in Ferguson, Mo., during the summer of 2014, it will be easy to think of it … Continue reading

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Obama: “Sometimes I Sold Myself Short”

So as Christian mentioned, during my visit, they’re in a circle and I sat down in the circle, and we went around, led by their counselor, and guys talked about their lives, talked about their stories. They talked about what they were struggling with, and how they were trying to do the right thing, and … Continue reading

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What I Learned From the Death of a Young Black Man

“But I can’t teach my son to live with insecurity, guardedness, suspicion. You can’t go through life fearing you will be shot or arrested because you walk at night alone while black.” This is one of the things I wrote last week while trying to process the not guilty verdict in the trial of George … Continue reading

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We All Need a Pep Talk Sometime

Following the post on Trayvon Martin and the mortal danger and fear that black kids live with (an excerpt of which was posted on Facebook), a friend made this comment. She said: “I do not know what to say to this….just that I hope that your son loves who he is and will love his life as … Continue reading

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The Value of a Black Kid’s Life

“A young black man can be murdered on perception. A young black man becomes the criminal so that the real criminal can go free. Americans should not fear riots. They should fear a society that ranks the death of children. They should fear a society that shrugs, carries on, and lets them go. Americans should … Continue reading