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The Negative Effects of Being a So-called ‘Real Man’, by Mbuyiselo Botha

“AS MEN, the majority of us are trapped in a patriarchal prison. The majority of us are misguidedly convinced that this obnoxious and preposterous system is somehow inspired by God. Patriarchy manifests itself through our families, churches, schools, workplaces and our televisions telling us that men ‘do not show emotions other than anger and aggression’, … Continue reading

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Academics are Trying to Turn Men into Thumbsucking Little Beta Males in Skinny Jeans

You know, when talk turns to patriarchy and men’s violence and that kinda thing, most people’s minds imagine a so-called traditional man under a tree somewhere in Nigeria or a poor woman scraping for food in the mountains of a god-forsaken country like Afghanistan. Watch this. And think again. Patriarchy is not out there somewhere waiting to … Continue reading

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“Current Debates about South African Men” from Southern Masculinities

One of the first acts of violence that patriarchy persuades, seduces or forces men to inflict is against themselves.  Furthermore, the rule of the fathers demands that most of the acts of the gravest life-threatening acts of violence are against oneself and other men. In this way patriarchy is not dissimilar to racial and capitalistic … Continue reading

Mbuyiselo Botha: I May Be A Proud Feminist, But I Am No Sissy
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Mbuyiselo Botha: I May Be A Proud Feminist, But I Am No Sissy

Somebody who doesn’t have the new reservations I expressed in the previous blog post (Feminist men have more sexual fun) about males calling themselves feminist is the activist Mbuyiselo Botha. A friend and comrade, Mbuyiselo and I agree about many things in this project of trying to make salient the effects of men’s social power over … Continue reading