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Academics are Trying to Turn Men into Thumbsucking Little Beta Males in Skinny Jeans

You know, when talk turns to patriarchy and men’s violence and that kinda thing, most people’s minds imagine a so-called traditional man under a tree somewhere in Nigeria or a poor woman scraping for food in the mountains of a god-forsaken country like Afghanistan. Watch this. And think again. Patriarchy is not out there somewhere waiting to … Continue reading


Accommodating Blacks at a (White) South African University

Universities like Stellenbosch must fulfill their role as places of to provide a vision for a future in which all South Africans who enter their halls, black and white, can flourish without hinder. Anything less is a failure. Continue reading

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How Do You Explain the Conundrum of Good Young Black Masculinity in Racist Society to Young Black Men Don’t run, you will be suspect of something. Don’t walk slowly too, you might be shot. This is the conundrum of explaining the politics of young black masculinity in racist society to young black men. Is there then a right way to walk, hold you body, feel, laugh, be angry if you are male, young, and black? … Continue reading