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Josie Duffy Tells About the History That Tells the Story of White Men Who Raped

It’s nearly three years since Josie Duffy published the article ‘The Men who Left Were White’ on the now defunct site Duffy’s article comes back to me because I have been thinking about fatherhood. It’s over 9 years since I began to seriously exercise my brain – and my heart even more – about this thing called fatherhood. Up … Continue reading


What keeps us from including in the 16 Days Campaign the gendered nature of men’s violence against other men?

On the last day of the 16 Days Campaign on No Violence Against Women and Children in South Africa, here is my short contribution. It is not much. I am not the only one who has said what I am about to say. It isn’t the first time I have said this. But, who knows, … Continue reading

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Why Over 36 000 School-Girls Fell Pregnant in 2010 and What To Do About It

Last year I wrote on the South African National Department of Basic Education’s Report on the ‘2009-2010 Annual Surveys for Ordinary Schools’ in the post “Wouldn’t it Make Girls’ Lives Happier and Richer if We Gave Boys an Education That Makes Them More Caring About Girls’ Aspirations”. The 2010-2011 Schools Report was released at the … Continue reading

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Love Us. Don’t Rape Us. Don’t Joke About Rape

The rape of black women by black or white men is no laughing matter. I don’t believe any sane African man does not know this already, but let me say it one more time: the rape of black women by black or white men is no laughing matter. Why would anyone make jokes about it? … Continue reading

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“It Is Refusing To Have Sex , Not Consenting To It, That Has Put Me, And Many Others Women In The Dog-Box” by Jedi Ramalapa.

Here is a piece by Jedi Ramalapa from her blog “Between The Lines.” Read on without going into defensive mode.   “One in Three Men Rape… True or False?  I recently told a group of men standing around their outdoor fire this alarming statistic I found from reading a Report by the Medical Research Council of South … Continue reading