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Why I Am Against So-called Integrated Schools

Because black kids in these schools are in the minority, numerically and culturally, and thus the notion of integration is a lie. Because these so-called integrated schools teach black boys and girls to admire white, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal traditions and to become schizoid about black wisdom, languages, pride, beauty and all the life-giving values they may have learned at … Continue reading

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The Way Children Learn To Love, or Hate, Their Bodies, Minds, and Race

Even if there is only a thousand of black children, instead of a million, who think that black is not as intelligent, talented, and beautiful as white, it means changing the racialised preference of black children remains a key challenge for parents of black children everywhere in the world.

Even if there is only a thousand of whites who think that blacks are not as intelligent, talented, and beautiful as them, it means the quest to undo racism and prejudice remains one of our great challenges. Continue reading

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What I Learned From the Death of a Young Black Man

“But I can’t teach my son to live with insecurity, guardedness, suspicion. You can’t go through life fearing you will be shot or arrested because you walk at night alone while black.” This is one of the things I wrote last week while trying to process the not guilty verdict in the trial of George … Continue reading

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Are White Women Still the Epitome of Beauty In Post-Apartheid South Africa?

It might be true that black men in South Africa, and maybe black women too, find white women the epitome of beauty. If it is, I blame it on apartheid. No kidding. Apartheid lives in the minds. I know that there is a debate going in South Africa right now about when is apartheid blameworthy, … Continue reading